Our commitment

En terrasse au restaurant La Potiniere - Barneville-Carteret - Coraline et Leo

  • Properly welcome and inform our guests in any circumstances.

  •  Giving satisfaction through a service in compliance with our customer promise.

  • A commitment to a sustainable and responsible tourism.

The key points of the responsible tourism approach

  • An efficient booking
  • A minimum waiting time
  • A warm welcome
  • Listen our customer’s needs and expectations
  • Available and receptive professionals
  • Great comfort
  • Cleanliness value
  • A regional products offer
  • A relevant touristic information

The key points of the quality approach

  • ACCESS AND MOBILITY : Reduce the impact of our trips
  • COMMUNICATION AND DIGITAL USE : Optimize the uses and medias
  • SOCIAL AND SOCIETAL ASPECTS :  Respect equality, to facilitate dialogue and handover
  • ENERGY SOBRIETY : Manage energy wastage
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION : Improve the systems and produce differently
  • WATER CONSUMPTION : Reduce the demand and recover the resource
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS : Use eco-labeled and naturals products
  • SUPPLY AND LAUNDRY CLEANING : Make better use and maintenance
  • CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS : Buy responsibly and limit packaging
  • REDUCTION, WASTE SORTING AND MANAGEMENT : Act and sensitize to best practices
  • WORK, EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE : Buy local and sustainable
  • FOOD PRODUCTS : Consume local and reduce waste
  • ECOSYSTEM SERVICES : Protect the fauna and flora
  • ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY : Formalize the responsible tourism project